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To trend or not to trend

posted Mar 14, 2014, 3:10 AM by Kimberly Neu   [ updated Mar 14, 2014, 5:43 AM ]
Does anyone remember the harvest gold shag rug of the 70's?  Or the avocado green appliances?  How about that lovely orange laminate counter top?  I think we all had that one in our life time.  Oh and and let's talk about the wallpaper, the wonderful world with wallpaper of the 70's.  My parents had the foil kind with a sweet psychedelic pattern on it in our dining room.  That was actually, quite expensive wall paper for the time.  But, I especially, loved the trend of the mirror tiled wall. That was my absolute favorite.  I could check my hair at all times to make sure it was still  feathered. 

Well, those are just some of the trends from the 70's that the 80's were glad to see slip away.  However, the 80's weren't left in the dust, they had their own up and coming trends gone bad.  Who had the ugly brown carpet that would hide just about anything?  Yep, I had that one too, even in college and that was in the 90's. 

Trends can be a good thing, they don't all have to be bad.  You just need to decide which trend is right for you.  Do you want that lasting 'classic timeless' trend or do you want that ' bold, in your face' fun trend that only lasts for a few years? 

Big ticket purchases such as a sofa or chair, you may want to gear towards neutral colors.  Ask yourself, "will this still fit with my decor for years to come or will it fade to a fad in just a short time"? 

Accessorize by trend, is a safer and less expensive way to go when trying to get that 'modern for a minute' look.  Add some decorative pillows, bring in a blanket or throw to add that pop of color you are looking for.  Add life to your room with that 'color of the year' on your wall/s to make your statement.  It won't be such a costly fix down the road  when trying to update your trend with the times.

Trends can make decorating a bit of challenge, but, if it is done right,  you can get a pleasing look that lasts a lifetime.